Assisi College

LED Lighting System


With a sub-standard, faulty lighting system incapable of reaching sustainability targets, and poorly-lit classrooms, Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) school Assisi College needed an LED lighting solution that would save energy and maintenance costs while also improving the students’ learning environment.


SP ran 2 processes – one to select a panel of 2 suppliers and two SP then set up the RFQ process for Assissi College to cater for their specific needs. The lighting requirements and needs with BCE and Assisi were accessed through site audits. To meet Australian standard AS1680 all old inefficient lighting was identified. Low-glare LED lighting solutions using high efficacy luminaires were specified, significantly improving the quality of light in learning areas.


The new LED system provides a range of improvements including:

  • A more productive learning environment for students and educators
  • Reducing waste with 147,000 operational kWhs reduced annually
  • Heat reduction and much less maintenance using LED technology
  • Peace of mind through compliance to Australian standards (AS1680)
  • Impressive cost savings with $480,000 long-run savings over 10 years.

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