Ivanhoe Grammar School

Solar Energy System


To develop a reputation as leaders in sustainable practices with the right suppliers that understood the school’s unique needs while balancing capital and ongoing running costs, Ivanhoe sought to improve their carbon footprint and energy efficiency and cost savings across its campuses.


Partnering with solar experts 1circle, SP developed a business case for a substantial investment which was supported by the school council. A Sustainability Strategy was developed that included a 845kw rooftop solar photovoltaic installation across two campuses and a leading-edge BYD battery solution to establish 3 off-grid classrooms. A school energy portal gives data with a curriculum focus.


Project results were exceptional,

  • Substantial cost savings, over $225,000/yr saved across the school
  • The school is now 57% net renewable
  • STC rebates maximised upfront across 4 grid connections to achieve short payback periods
  • CO2 emissions reduced by over 1,000 tonnes per year.

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