Trinity Grammar School

Fire Safety


Challenged with overwhelming compliance management, a lack of transparency on issues including the school’s own compliance status, and unreliable service providers, Trinity needed to improve the compliance, transparency and management of all their fire safety needs and requirements school-wide.


Following industry research and stakeholder discussion, a compliance management model was created to instruct service providers. A shortlist of reputable suppliers was selected and their submissions were evaluated using specific selection criteria. Comprehensive service agreements were then created for the chosen suppliers.
A two-level solution was put in place with a compliance audit provider checking the fire service provider.


Project results were reassuring, including:

  • Full compliance using a compliance management system that links auditor and service providers to ensure services are compliant and the school is on track for 100% compliance.
  • Complete knowledge that all fire safety assets and their compliance status, are continually tracked.
  • Added value by leveraging compliance monitoring to increase equipment uptime, avoid potential disruptions and repair costs to other programmed maintenance services the school needs like HVAC, pool, and playgrounds.
  • Full transparency via an online monitoring system that provides compliance status, schedule systems, and due tasks by contractors, and rectification and repair works.

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