Sustainability strategy with solar and lighting upgrades


The school had progressed its property masterplan with key projects delivered, and turned to establish an energy strategy to achieve a net zero emissions outcome on energy. On-site solar generation potential was required to be quantified and feasibility assessed



Utilising our Energy Planning service to define the business case for solar including, maximum potential, sustainability, and savings. Sourcing of renewable energy supplies, replacement of old air conditioners and introduction of maintenance programs to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, consolidated impact of energy efficiency and solar on progress to net zero.


  • Clearly informed stakeholders on the feasible scope for solar and associated cost benefit
  • Transparent assessment and benchmark comparison of electricity consumption and cost that set the scene for the potential of solar
  • Assessment of buildings and their potential for solar – providing a practical reality of building suitability and required roofing works
  • Rigorous mapping of roofs to specific metered electricity connections to enable correct assessment of cost
  • Financial paybacks of 5 – 8 years across various initiatives
  • Reductions in CO2 emissions by over 20% from initial projects

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