Geelong Grammar

Catering Services


With multiple disparate catering service providers across its cafeteria, boarding house, vending machines, and functions, Genazzano sought to improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of its catering services school-wide.


Following extensive stakeholder feedback and workshops, a revised RFQ was created and submitted to a recommended shortlist of suppliers. Upon further consultation, recommendations, and final negotiations one standout supplier was chosen to provide all catering needs.


Project results were outstanding,

  • Healthier food range across all catering
  • Significant (or preferably insert XX%) increase in sales and satisfaction
  • Improved student diet knowledge through regular food forums and dietitian sessions
  • Better functioning cafeteria from supplier-funded refurbishment
  • More efficient account management
  • Peace of mind from a robust supplier contract tied to measurable KPIs.

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