Bus Transport


Often schools are unsure of the cost-effectiveness of their bus services and are challenged by the variable service levels and complexity of the bus services. In many cases, there are two or more different contractors who often provide unsatisfactory service levels, difficulties in managing service needs, inefficient bus routes and high fleet renovation costs resulting in schools looking to improve the service levels, safety, and efficiency of their bus transport services.


All key stakeholders are engaged to ensure the best results. Safety is improved by using only Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) accredited, registered and compliant bus operators, employing properly trained drivers. Route optimisation is done to improve the efficiency of daily bus runs and software solutions assessed to enhance the school’s duty of care and parent communication ensuring that service levels are improved across daily commuter and charter trip services.


  • Substantial cost savings. Average 8 – 27% saved across school projects
  • More value to schools, students and their parents
  • Highest quality coaches available for students with value-added services e.g., Wi-Fi.
  • Better branded school buses
  • Improved run optimization to save schools’ time, money and reduce emissions.
  • Increased schools’ awareness using Bus Management Software
  • Better sustainability by introducing electric buses.
  • Improved safety with correctly trained and fully accredited bus drivers

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